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Please find attached the FINA Figures for the different age groups. You can also view the videos for the different age groups on our videos web page.

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Hair Gelling Tips

_MG_7545Looking for some help in getting your daughter’s hair ready for her upcoming Watershow or first competition?  Below our some step by step instructions to get your started.  There are also some helpful videos on YouTube too.
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Equipment: Gelatin (4-6 pkgs) , paintbrush, bobby pins, bun pins, boiling water, container, headpiece, bun cover, towel.


1) Brush swimmers hair into a tight ponytail in line with the top of your ears at the back of the head.

2) Split the ponytail and braid into 2 or 3 braids (depends on thickness of hair) then  twist them into a bun. Secure with bobby pins.

3) Gel is difficult to get out of clothing and can be a little bit messy. Make sure you have a towel on your shoulders.

4) Cover bun with bun cover and pin securely.

5) In a small container, mix 2 packages of gelatin (knox or unflavored) and a few tablespoons of boiling water. Stir until smooth, with no lumps. It should have a jam like texture. Add a more hot  water if needed.

6) Apply gelatin to hair with a paint brush. Apply  1st coat of gelatin to hair quickly, this coat is to fix the head piece so you need to do it quickly or else the bobby pins for the headpiece will not go into the hair.

7) If you have loose hair (bangs or short pieces that do not fit into the ponytail) you should use a spider comb or criss cross bobby pins to secure these hairs.

8) Pin on the head piece securely.

9) Mix 2 more packages of gelatin with boiling water and use the paint brush to apply to hair, pay attention to the back of the head and make sure that all hair is completely gelled.  Any loose hairs should be pinned.

10) Gelatin needs time to completely dry before entering the water. Approximately a ½ hour.  You can use a hair dryer on cool to speed the drying process.

11) To get the gel out of your hair – in a shower use hot water and soap. You could also use pineapple juice and it seems to help desolved the gelatin.  Your hair will feel extra smooth after the gel is washed out.

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