Novice II

This is a pre-competitive program designed to build synchro skills while introducing swimmers to a competitive synchro environment. Swimmers will attend three novice competitions in central/southwestern Ontario and will perform in two London Synchro watershows. Boys and girls are welcome.

    • beginning at the end of September (ends first week of May)
    • 3 hours per week, 2 day per week
    • One team is specifically for swimmers born in 2011 or later, one team is specifically for swimmers born in 2010 or earlier
    • Cost: $1150 due on Oct. 15, 2017 (or $600 on Sept 23rd and $550 on Jan 15th). Cost includes team bathing suit
    • Practices are Wednesday, 6:00-7:30pm at Beal Secondary School, and Sundays, 10:30-12pm at CGAC

Registration for this program is now closed! 

Please contact for any inquiries.

Payment information for registered swimmers: To pay your fees you will need to pay by cheque, or by eTransfer.
* To pay by cheque, please drop off postdated cheque(s) in the London Synchro Club Mailbox at CGAC. Make them out to London Synchro Club, and BE SURE to identify the swimmer in the notes section so it can be applied to the proper account.
To pay via eTransfer, you can send the transfer to the email In the email you MUST identify who the SWIMMER is, or the money will not be applied to your account. If we cannot identify the swimmer, then the email will be declined.