Jenna Kressler

Occupation/Studies:  Bachelor of Honour Arts in Speech Communication
Master’s of Science in Health  & Rehabilitation Sciences in Health Promotion
Currently working for an occupational health & safety company

How long have you been in Synchro?     I swam for Waterloo Synchro for 11 years and received an athletic scholarship for a NCAA Division I school in the United States.  I finished the last couple years of my swimming career with Waterloo / Laurier Varsity Synchro. I have coached synchro for 10 years now, 9 with Waterloo and 1 with the London Synchro Club as their 13-15 FINA team coach.

Why do you love synchronized swimming?
Synchro has been my life the past 20 years. I don’t know what I’d do without it!! I absolutely loved the performance aspect of synchro as my time as a swimmer. The pool was my stage and I just loved being in front of a crowd and performing for them. I also loved being on a team. My teammates were a second family to me and I remain close with a bunch of former teammates to this day (pretty cool)!   My favourite part of synchro as a coach is seeing swimmers progress from the start of the season to their very last swim and even years to come. It is so rewarding to watch them grow! There are so many different components to synchronized swimming, but my top two would favourites would have to be are choreographing routines and, of course, training the routine – especially when it’s time for endurance swims!!

What are your goals for your teams/swimmers this year?    I’m focusing on technical skills this year and would like to see an improvement in my swimmer’s sculls, accuracy of positions, and position height. Ultimately, I want to work with swimmers to help achieve their personal goals.