Our Coaches

At the London Synchro Club our coaches strive to ensure that all our swimmers from both our recreation and competitive programs are enjoying themselves as they are improving their synchronize swimming skills and abilities.  Our coaching team encourages the girls to  develop a sense of camaraderie and team spirit while challenging them to reach their potential.

Meet Our Coaches

Alexandra Cross – Head Coach (11-12 Yellow Team, 16-20 Solo) Vanessa Smith (11-12 Blue Team, 11-12 Solo) Suzie Blainey (13-15 Blue Team)
Kyra Moura– Assistant Head Coach (10U Yellow Team, 13-15 Solo) Julia Villeneuve (10U Blue Team) Aislinn Adams (13-15 Blue Team)
Sarah Shelton (11-12 Duet, 11-12 Assistant) Olivia Amaral (11-12 Duet, 10U Assistant, Novice I) Megan Drake (Masters)
Allyssa Gosling (13-15 Yellow Team, 11-12 Solo) Lily Dong (13-15 Duet) Jenna Kressler (13-15 Yellow Team)
Simone Godbout (10U Duet, Novice I) Emily Newton (Novice II) Amanda Cira (Novice II)
Lauren Mouliakis (Novice III) Kathryn Shiplo (Novice III) Amanda Eyssen (Extra Figures)
Millie Sweet-Boulay (Little Mermaids)


“Coaching is the universal language of change and learning.” – CNN