Spirit Hours

We recognize that all our LSC families are busy with many different commitments. However, the success of our club depends on the volunteerism of all our families. The LSC Executive has set the minimum hours expected per family as follows:
• Competitive swimmer family – 20 hours
• Novice swimmer family– 10 hours
• Rec 1/Little Mermaid swimmer family– 5 hours

Hours will be tracked by our volunteer coordinator. New for this season – our volunteer coordinator, Joanna, will be tracking all “Spirit Hours” (aka volunteer hours). If you fulfill your commitment for hours to LSC during the season you will be refunded $100 per competitive athlete and $50 per Novice athlete at the end of the season (as long as our year end finances are balanced and the club will not incur debt in doing so).  A reminder that we are hosting the Lisa A competition on the weekend of Dec 1 & 2 (Etobicoke) and we will need lots of “hands on deck” for this event!
Thank you in advance for your support!

To document your Spirit Hours please complete the online form by clicking here, or fill out the form below and email it to synchromom05@gmail.com.

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Volunteer Screening

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