Spirit Hours

We recognize that all our LSC families are busy with many different commitments. However, the success of our club depends on the volunteerism of all our families. The LSC Executive has set the minimum hours expected per family as follows:
• Competitive swimmer family – 20 hours
• Novice swimmer family– 10 hours
• Rec 1/Little Mermaid swimmer family– 5 hours

Hours will be tracked by our Volunteer Coordinator, Nina Dunlop. We are requesting a post-dated cheque (dated June 15, 2018) of $200 for Competitive Parents (per swimmer) and $50 Novice Parents (per swimmer) that will only be cashed if your family does not fulfil the expected number of volunteer hours for this season. Please drop off the post-dated cheque by October 31st at the box of CGAC. If you have any questions, please speak to one of the LSC Executive.
Thank you in advance for your support!

To help keep track of your volunteer hours please fill out the following form each time you help with an event or other aspects of volunteering for the club. The sheets can be handed in and signed by the event coordinator or an LSC Executive member.

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Volunteer Screening

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